About Me

John Stamper was born in small midwestern town in 1973.  (Since then, he has grown to an amazing size, almost six feet tall soaking wet.)  After graduating from high school, he (sort of) went to college for a while, but left for Europe in July of 1995.  Two months later, he retuned to the Unites States having learned more about life in that brief time than he ever learned sitting in a classroom.  In 1996, he moved to Orlando to work for the Walt Disney World company.  In 2006, he moved north of Orlando and began selling real estate in a large retirement community where he still works today.  His first daughter, Maddie was born in 2007 and his second daughter, Shelby in 2010.  He is married to Lisa, the most patient woman on the planet, which he considers his most accomplished big sale to date.